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For some years now, qenza has been working with international collaborators to create a creative synergy. We believe in the importance of a good image, original and thoughtful. Between designers, editors, creatives, developers, salespeople and strategists, we move with you in your projects to achieve the desired objectives.


Making the magic

"It's the quality of communication that will nourish and amplify your dreams." What if Qenza positioned itself as an intermediary by making your marketing communication a lever of performance?
What is good for our customers is also beneficial for Qenza, which is why we take each of your projects to heart by realizing from the morning to the evening your greatest aspirations imagined

  • Number of strategy in brainstorming 50%
  • Posters in advertising platforms 65%
  • Creations in progress 70%
  • Customers who trust us every year 95%

Our team

We're a small, friendly and talented team. We craft beautiful digital solutions for awesome clients across all the platforms.



Before even thinking about how to achieve a goal, you first need to give this goal direction. Together we can find which levers of actions should be undertaken, and we will be with you every step of the way to your success.


Once we have defined the scope of your vision, we will be able to suggest some solutions that could suit your needs. Each tool has its own specific benefits which can adapt to any given situation


Your audience will always keep evolving, is constantly moving. This is why our team is made of the finest technicians who know where to look and how to uncover the newest users habits.


Your audience will always keep evolving, is constantly moving. This is why our team is made of the finest technicians who know where to look and how to uncover the newest users habits.


Supports are there to showcase the creations. Our experts will create clear, graphic messages understood by all, and they will adapt them to the various media.

You really are the first whom we need to understand. So to guide you through to the best paths for you, we want to know how to walk with you. Once in tune, we can share better and together we can walk the way to finding the perfect communication direction.
For a message to be clearly understood, words must be chosen carefully. Our editors will work with you, help you in defining the proper tone to use and the editorial direction to take. From the very start, communication is adapted to your target, and the whole writing process is tailored to each platform.
A focus must also be placed on choosing the right transmission supports. You can only reach a target on its own turf; therefore we pride ourselves in always adapting your message to each platform when committing to a campaign.
Identify the issues so we can find solutions
Define the editorial direction according to the various supports
Choose the right media
For a very long time now, outdoor advertizing has proven quite efficient when it comes to targeting large numbers of people. Wisely located and tailored to their locations, our creations are strategically placed for a maximum transmission so you can reach your goals. Thus our respect of universal codes regulating the reading levels of printed creations.
Our certified Google AdWords experts know the most adaptable techniques for the best referencing there is. Our creations absolutely must come up first in search engines to provide you with the most effective visibility.
With one of a kind, innovative campaigns, Qenza strives to create desire and interest in internet users. Speaking directly to them and triggering natural shares is what will make your brand a success. Always targeting measurable results, our social campaigns are adapted to each network and each community.
Identify high-traffic areas
Follow-up on the campaigns using measurable results
Conceptualize a viral factor to trigger consecutive shares


Each of your events is important, and it is even more important that it looks like you. qenza holds the promise of making it a memorable moment, faithful to your expectations and the spirit of your company.
All you have to do is impress your guests and savor every moment!


A press conference will help you promote yourself and attract new customers! In pro public relations, qenza accompanies you in its realization.
You are an entrepreneur, artist, sportsman … shine in the spotlight for a fruitful and optimal meeting!


Matching the product experience to the brand experience is an art. At qenza we like to work in the rules of the art, because we know very well that a good customer experience has a direct impact on sales and the image of the brand


What better than a good team building session to close the ranks of its employees and build new relationships with each other after a long work season?
The time of an outing, an evening or a weekend, the activities we propose can establish a positive and cooperative atmosphere within the company, thus promoting creativity, motivation and performance of each participant.You are an entrepreneur, artist, sportsman … shine in the spotlight for a fruitful and optimal meeting!


Trigger the motivation to buy
Redefine service in a mobile context
Regain and expand your audience


Our experts develop mobile solutions that are completely adapted to your needs, but also adapted to the various iOS and Android platforms. Making it ergonomically easy on the user, we create digital comfort and access, therefore innovating and modernizing your brand look.


We expand your audience in redirecting profiles towards your various media. We put a creative strategy in place to reach your target users and guide them naturally to your services.


E-commerce usually adapts to each media for a quick and simple sale. We created new solutions for online selling, making commercial exchanges just as easy as they are in a storefront business. When it comes to digital benefits such as variety of choice and shipping, your online store will be a great success.



Trigger the motivation to buy
Redefine service in a mobile context
Regain and expand your audience


Defining a branding first requires to understand what lies in front of us. Only with this deep understanding of your project will we be able to create the perfect brand look, the look that will get you results.


With their great expertise and their acute sense of details, our designers will provide you with various graphic solutions. When reflecting on the matter, they will go the extra pixel and harmonize to the best the delicate combination of reading, design and understanding of the message.


Suggesting ideas to be understood by your target first requires to put yourself in the users shoes, understand their expectations. Our UX/UI designers immerse themselves in those targeted users habits so they can offer an experience completely adapted and instinctive. Qenza proposes a new digital structure that is easy and naturally engaging.

Choose the best strategic path
Converge all paths towards one tailored graphic design
Design the ideal and most intuitive experience

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